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Carwoola, Primrose Valley

Cleanup Australia Day 2011 Report

by Lynton Bond

Carwoola's Big Wet

Once again, the Briars Sharrow Road crossing is closed. Only 35mm of rain overnight, but the ground is saturated. Molonglo River at Briars Sharrow Road - 3 December 2010

The Companion Animals Act 1998 and How It Impacts a Rural Area

by Lynton Bond, Radcliffe

Reprinted from the Stoney Creek Gazette, May, 2002

Domestic Cats and Dogs

Ask the local Council what are the most common issues that ratepayers contact them about, and you will usually find straying domestic animals, especially dog attacks on livestock included.

Information for New Residents

Welcome to our community.

As part of the Carwoola community you will receive a free copy of the Stoney Creek Gazette in your letterbox each month, courtesy of the advertisers, many of whom also live in this area. The aim of the Gazette is to keep residents informed of activities in the local area. On the inside front cover you will find listings for the various community organisations in the area and their volunteer office bearers. If you need assistance, it is just a phone call away.

Help sought on local history

I enjoyed reading the information provided at your website compiled by T.A. Johnston on pioneers in your area, with emphasis on the Ruledge Family, particularly Thomas Rutledge. I have a scan of the front and reverse of an envelope sent to Mrs Rutledge from Bungendore routed through Goulburn to Cambelltown, and thence to Parramatta, and presumably to Brush Farm near Eastwood. Eastwood P.O. did not open until 1.11.83 so there was no Eastwood postmark, and Brush Farm also had no P.O. There was no letter enclosed.

Carwoola Community Association monthly meeting and AGM

19 Oct 2010 - 7:30pm

Carwoola Community Association monthly meeting and AGM

Bushrangers in Stoney Creek - Jacky-Jacky

Bushrangers in Stoney Creek - Jacky-Jacky

by Jim Jauncey

(reprinted from the Stoney Creek Gazette, Volume 2 No 4, April 1991)


The contact details for the Carwoola Community Association, Hoskinstown Region Community Association and the Stoney Creek Rural Fire Service are listed on the inside cover of the Stoney Creek Gazette.

Carwoola Community Association Committee may be contacted at

Carwoola community groups

Local groups in the Carwoola area include:

Stoney Creek Rural Fire Brigade - see the inside cover of the Stoney Creek Gazette

Hoskinstown Region Community Association  - see the inside cover of the Stoney Creek Gazette

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