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Palerang Roadside Bin Collection Service - Follow-Up Survey

by Lynton Bond

Palerang residents will have received a survey in the mail seeking feedback on:

  • the fortnightly roadside recycling collection; and
  • a proposal to provide either weekly or fortnightly waste collection in addition to recycling.

What the accompanying letter from Council does not set out clearly is that if the majority of residents opt for such a service, charges will be levied for all residences, irrespective of the extent of its use.  The survey does not give residents who choose not to have a waste collection service to choose a frequency of the service should the majority of residents opt for one.  

In addition, the letter does not point out (and wouldn't be expected to) that a commercial service is already available in Carwoola at a lower cost and which is charged per-use, and what's more, does not need to be a roadside service.

The choice should be obvious, so get your survey returned by the due date, 28 February. Currently the Community Association is negotiating with Council to formally extend the closing date so a article providing detailed information on costs can be provided to residents in the next Stoney Creek Gazette.

Download and read Martin Butterfield's letter to Council in response to the survey, below.

130208 Garbage. - Martin Butterfield.pdf63.11 KB

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