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HotSpot Cafe

19 Nov 2017 - 9:30am - 11:30am

HotSpot Café 19 November 9:30-11:30 

The HotSpot training program is now concluded as far as the formal training being offered by Phil Paterson. The community responded well to opportunity to learn more about the vegetation types, and landscape characteristics that influenced the fire behavior of the February blaze. This was followed by an opportunity to explore individual property characteristics to help plan management strategies to reduce the risks to assets, by identifying the hazards and prioritizing actions. 

The upcoming HotSpot café is an opportunity to further enhance your ability to manage your property through ongoing individual engagement with the brigade. We can help you identify the priorities you may have and discuss strategies for hazard reduction.  

Now is the time to reduce the fine combustible material (leaf litter) around your key assets, identify equipment you may need to purchase such as rakes, hoses, metal buckets etc. We are aware that many members of the community have requested assistance to develop fire plans. We will endeavor to plan with you to make a time to visit your property and meet the people who live there as a fire plan impacts on all people who reside at each address.  

We look forward to seeing you at the HotSpot café on the 19 November. 

Shirley Conn 

Community Engagement Officer 

date | by Dr. Radut