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Carwoola community groups

Local groups in the Carwoola area include:

Carwoola Rural Fire Brigade - see the inside cover of the Carwoola Gazette

Hoskinstown Region Community Association  - see the inside cover of the Carwoola Gazette

The Stoney Creek Playgroup went into "stand by" at the end of 2009 as there were insufficient numbers to warrant continuing; if you are interested in seeing the group reformed, contact the Community Association which is holding some funds to assist with this.

Carwoola Landcare Group
Carwoola Landcare Group meets regularly on the 2nd Monday evening of each month at 6.30-8.30pm. Guest speakers are regularly invited. Workshops and field days are also conducted on weekends. There is also the prospect we will hold "check out what I did on my block" events at people's properties to showcase outcomes of landcare work.

Keep in touch by joining our Facebook page and/or subscribe to our email list by sending an email to with the subject "subscribe" (without the quotes).

You can send emails to everyone on the Carwoola Landcare email list by sending to

In the future, you can check your subscription details at any time here:

For further information about Carwoola Landcare, contact Megan Dixon ph: 0418533646 or email

CaNTER Collective

Carwoola Nag Trainers, Enthusiasts and Riders (CaNTER) is an informal network of Carwoola residents with a shared interest in equine based pursuits, with no restrictions on age or experience. Current and future activities include bulk hay orders, social rides, resource sharing, workshops, advocating for horse riding facilities/opportunities and general communications on horse related issues.

Contact us at or the CaNTER
Collective facebook page
for more information.

Carwoola Cwilters and Cwafters (CCC)

CCC meets on the 3rd Sunday of the month at the Carwoola Community Hall in Gathering Place. Everyone welcome. Bring along your current craft project or come to learn from others. Cost is $3 to cover hall hire. For more information see Carwoola Cwilters and Cwafters (CCC) on Facebook

Ju-jitsu every Wednesday at the Hall - David Rowley ph: 6238 2343

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