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Great Pigeon Race (Stoney Creek RFS Fundraiser)

17 Sep 2016 - 9:00am - 12:00pm

Its on again!



47 Stoney Creek Place


Saturday 17 September 2016

On Saturday 17 September Peter and Robyn Darcy will once again hold a Pigeon Race to raise money for our local fire brigade. What a great job the volunteer brigade members do for our community and everyone acknowledges the huge commitment they make of their time.

Previous years races raised $1800-$2200 for the fire brigade, and everyone who participated last year had a fantastic time.

Procedures commence at 9 AM. People may 'purchase'  a pigeon to race (or several) for $25. A ticket with the pigeon leg band ID number will be given to each 'buyer'. Each 'purchased' pigeon will be placed in a basket and transported to Sutton for release.

While you wait for your pigeons to return home, you can mingle with neighbours and friends and buy a a BBQ brunch to munch. The pigeons should return home between 11 - 11:30 AM

The first three pigeons to return through the electronic gate into the home loft will be declared the winners.

BBQ brunch and drinks for sale.

$20 of each pigeon 'purchase' and all proceeds from food sales will be donated to the Stoney Creek RFS.

FOR MORE INFORMATION read the Stoney Creek Gazette September 2016

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