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Stoney Creek Gazette Reader Survey

Here is a summary of the results of the Gazette reader survey undertaken in December. A total of 67 responses were received. This represents, we believe, just over 12% of the households in Carwoola, based on the circulation of the Gazette. All but five of these indicated they have access to the Internet. But from there, things aren’t so rosy. 39 people (58% of respondents) indicated they would read the Gazette if it was only published online, but apparently not all were keen to do so as only 31 (46%) provided an email address so they could be advised when it had been published. We have no way of contacting those people who didn’t provide an email address.

The popularity of the regular articles in the Gazette seems to emphasise what the CCA Committee believes is the purpose of the Gazette: to present the community with locally relevant information. For those who have tried to sell something through the classifieds in the regional newspapers, the value of advertising in the classifieds in the Gazette is obvious and the survey clearly shows why: very nearly everyone reads them!

The value of advertising in the Gazette might be inferred from the fact that 83% of Gazette readers responding to the survey claim to shop at or use the services of Gazette advertisers at least sometimes, and 38% often do so. Extrapolating to the Gazette circulation, that’s potentially over 450 households in the Carwoola district would sometimes shop at or use the services of Gazette advertisers.

More than 50% of survey respondents are willing to pay for a Gazette, and of those, half are prepared to pay $2.

Respondents to the survey also provided a lot of very welcome comments and suggestions on how to improve the Gazette and the website. We have posted the results, and the comments received, on the CCA website. A copy can be downloaded from the link below.

As highlighted in the previous issue, the Gazette is facing two problems: the time and energy it takes to prepare a Gazette for publication and the cost of producing it. The Survey has prompted a number of residents to offer assistance; some are willing to assist with getting material on line, while one person considered the Gazette to be so important to the community to prompt their offering assistance to prepare it for publication. That leaves the cost issue which the CCA Committee believes might be resolved if the community is willing to show how much it is on side.

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story | by Dr. Radut